2021 Glasgow Yonex Junior Championships

Under 13 and Under 17 winners and runners up

Over the month of September 2021, the Glasgow & North Strathclyde Badminton Group ran the 2021 Glasgow Yonex Junior Championships for U13, U15, U17 and U19 age groups. 

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U13 BS — Arnav Saraswat (Winner) and Alfie Martin (Runner up)
U13 GS — Qing Yang Xiao (Winner) and Tushara Senthilrajaram (Runner up)
U13 BD — Alfie Martin and Arnav Saraswat (Winners), Ruari Davies and Lakshya Sharma (Runners up)
U13 GD — Ingrid Wang and Qing Yang Xiao (Winners), Thenoo Annamalai and Shreya Vargheese (Runners up)
U13 XD — Arnav Saraswat and Qing Yang Xiao (Winners), Alfie Martin and Tushara Senthilrajaram (Runners up)

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U15 BS — Blair Tait (Winner), Ewan Stewart (Runner up)
U15 GS — Deepti Vijayakumar (Winner), Shannon Leslie (Runner up)
U15 BD — Lewis Smith and Ewan Stewart (Winners), Malik Clowes and Jackson Smith (Runners up)
U15 GD — Deepti Vijayakumar and Qing Yan Xiao (Winners), Gemma Foulis and Shannon Leslie (Runners up)
U15 XD — Blair Tait and Deepti Vijayakumar (Winners), Lingyun Xiao an Qing Yang Xiao (Runners up)

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U17 BS — Finlay Jack (Winner) and Noah Sarvesvaran (Runner up)
U17 GS — Katie Stewart (Winner) and Ishbel McAllister (Runner up)
U17 BD — Anthony McGuire and Noah Sarvesvaran (Winners), Lewis Coghill and Finlay Jack (Runners up)
U17 GD — Sophie Barrie and Katie Stewart (Winners), Katrina Chan and Ishbel McAllister (Runners up)
U17 XD — Josh Taylor and Katie Stewart (Winners), Anthony McGuire and Brooke Stalker (Runners up)

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U19 BS — Euan Campbell (Winner), Angus Meldrum (Runner up)
U19 GS — Abbie Brooks (Winner), Lindsey Ireland (Runner up)
U19 BD — Lewis Hart and Isaac Weir (Winners), Euan Campbell and Nathan Macpherson (Runners up)
U19 GD — Abbie Brooks and Lindsey Ireland (Winners), Sophie Ford and Eva Tremble (Runners up)
U19 XD — Angus Meldrum and Abbie Brooks (Winners), Lewis Hart and Jodie Black (Runners up)

A special congratulations to Qing Yang Xiao (U13), Arnav Saraswat (U13), Deepti Vijayakumar (U15), Katie Stewart (U17) and Abbie Brooks (U19) as triple winners in each of their age groups — winning all three categories they entered (singles, doubles and mixed doubles).

We’d also like to thank the volunteers and sponsors who helped run the events over the month, without which we wouldn’t have been able to put on the tournaments. We are always looking for volunteers to help run our group activities. You can find details on how to get involved by visiting www.glasgowbadminton.co.uk/volunteer