Glasgow & North Strathclyde County Team
Glasgow & North Strathclyde County Team
Glasgow & North Strathclyde County Team

We are proud to support and finance a senior team that competes in Badminton England’s Senior County Championships. Glasgow & North Strathclyde are the only Scottish team in either of the Premiership or Championship divisions.

The Senior County Championships is played over three weekends, with all teams in each division coming together in a central venue competing for the ultimate title of County Champions. Matches are often held at Badminton England’s National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes or at the University of Warwick.

You can read more about the Senior County Championships by visiting the Badminton England website.

The championships have currently been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with two rounds out of three player prior to the suspension. When matches resume, we will update our website with upcoming dates.

When matches are live streamed, we share these on our social media channels so you can cheer the team on. Our players also take over our social media channels over the weekends, so you can follow them along behind the scenes.

‘Mon Glasgow!

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