Junior Teams

Our group organises, selects and supports junior teams in several age groups to compete in appropriate team competitions.

This year (2023-24) we hope to enter the Badminton Scotland inter-group competitions at u15 and u18 and the Anglo-Scottish series in Newcastle at u13, u15, u16 and u19 where we compete against the English counties. We also support the various Glasgow & North Strathclyde schools teams.

There is no coaching and player development associated with being in any team and no extra training to be done, this continues in the usual clubs and squads. For many players, playing in a team format brings out their best. With hard work and some luck, players from these teams will develop to represent our group in our senior team that plays in the English County Championship.

So far, the programme for 2023-24 is:

  • 1st October 2023 — Badminton Scotland Inter-Group at both U15s and 18s (excludes players selected for Scotland at these age groups)
    We won both of these competitions, see the report.
  • 28th/29th October 2023 — Anglo Scottish Series <16’s in Newcastle.
    We entered a joint team with the West of Scotland Group and won, see the report.
  • 29th October 2023 — Schools Senior (5th/6th year, <19s) inter-area.
    We won, see the report.
  • 12th November 2023 — Schools Intermediate (3rd/4th year, <16s) inter-area.
    We won, see the report.
  • 16th/17th December 2023 — Anglo Scottish Series <19’s in Newcastle.
    We were second, see the report
  • 17th December 2023 — Schools Junior (1st/2nd year, <14s) inter-area.
    We were second, see the report
  • 10th/11th February 2024 — Anglo Scottish Series <15’s in Newcastle.
    We were not able to make a team for this one.
  • 16th March 2024 — Primary Schools inter-area.
    The competition was cancelled, not enough entries from other groups.
  • 4th/5th May 2024 — Celtic Challenge <16’s in Tranent
    We were 3rd with two guest players from West of Scotland group, see the report
  • 11th May 2024 — Anglo Scottish Series <13’s in Newcastle.
    We were 2nd with three guest players, see the report

To play for a Glasgow and North Strathclyde team you must live in the area defined: “the areas of Scotland served by West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City and Argyle and Bute Councils excluding the former electoral division of Dunoon, East Cowal and Bute, but including Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

To play for Glasgow & North Strathclyde Schools in any competition:  Following a recent change, you must attend a Primary or Secondary School within the Glasgow & North Strathclyde area (see above)  (this includes independent schools and Glasgow School of Sport).

Normally a request for player availability is sent about six weeks before a competition (as dates often clash with other competitions/activities) and then the team is selected from those available about a month before. ‘Selection policy’ is to include the best available players based mostly on the singles ranking. Softer factors are also taken into account such as age, experience, potential, established partnerships, team support etc. We also try to open up team opportunities to players out with the performance set-up/Glasgow School of Sport. Availability is often the most important factor.

For more information please email juniors@glasgowbadminton.co.uk.

Last updated 13th May 24