Yonex Junior League

We organize junior league competitions for players aged 8 to 20, with prizes sponsored by Yonex. We thank Yonex for their support.

Our junior league provides you with the chance to have fun and develop your full-court playing skills — whether it’s your first competition or if you’re a regular competitor.

We run singles and doubles competitions as part of the league, and welcome players from many clubs, including Allander BC, City of Glasgow, BASE, Erskine, SAPC, Glasgow Badminton Academy, Scotstoun and Shuttleworks.

Ten Junior League competitions are planned each season, this year a mix of singles and doubles. They take place on Sunday mornings in Scotstoun. 

For the 2023-24 season, we are excited to announce that we will be providing more courts and an earlier start time, which will allow for even more playing time. It is important to note that there has been a significant increase in court and shuttle costs, and as a result, the entry fee will be raised to £7. We are confident that these changes will improve the overall experience for all participants.

EventDate Opens Closes Location / Times
Singles No 103/09/2316/08/2325/08/23Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Singles No 215/10/2304/09/2306/10/23Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Doubles No 105/11/2316/10/2327/10/23Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Singles No 326/11/2306/11/2317/11/23Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Doubles No 227/12/2327/11/2320/12/23Cockburn Centre 10am – 1pm
Singles No 421/01/2428/12/2312/01/24Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Singles No 525/02/2422/01/2416/02/24Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Doubles No 310/03/2419/02/2401/03/24Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Singles No 614/04/2411/03/2405/04/24Scotstoun 9am – 1pm
Doubles No 409/06/2415/04/2425/05/24Cockburn 9:30 – 1:30pm

To enter any of the events, please email juniors@glasgowbadminton.co.uk before the closing date. Late entries will not be accepted. Your email should contain the following information: 1) Full name; 2) Contact number; 3) Club; 4) Date of birth; 5) Current skill level (beginner, intermediate, or regular tournament player) including the number of nights played and duration of play.

Please note the following:

  • Entry is £7 per player which can be paid on the day or we will forward bank details on request.
  • Players MUST be at the hall ten minutes prior to the starting time
  • No coaching on the day will be allowed
  • All events are for players born in 2004 or later
  • Feather shuttles will be used throughout
  • Entrants are responsible for arranging appropriate insurance coverage if required
  • Neither the committee nor the Sports Centre will be under liability in respect of personal loss or injury
  • Contact details will not be shared with anyone.  More information on data protection is available on our website – www.glasgowbadminton.co.uk

For further information about the Junior Leagues, please email juniors@glasgowbadminton.co.uk.

Last updated 17th April 24


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