Glasgow International Youth Badminton Championships

The Glasgow International Youth Badminton Championships is a tournament for junior players aged under 13 and under 15. An international tournament, with players from around the world, it’s a competition held in Glasgow every year with players vying to be Glasgow International champions.

Dating back to 2013, the tournament has steadily increased in popularity with many top international junior badminton players coming to compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles disciplines. Competitors from the UK home nations are usually joined by entrants from Germany, Cyprus, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands, making it a truly cosmopolitan affair.

Past winners have went on to compete in international tournaments at a senior level organised by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

The event is run by the Glasgow & North Strathclyde Group and we receive considerable support from Glasgow Sport, Glasgow School of Sport, The Sports Council for Glasgow and Yonex UK to deliver this popular event.

There are no planned events just now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Once we are able to go ahead with the next event, we will update this page and post about it on our social media channels.

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