Scotland West Badminton League
Scotland West Badminton League
Scotland West Badminton League

The Scotland West Badminton League is a new league, founded in 2021, providing competitive badminton matches for all levels of player in the west of Scotland. This includes beginner players right through to elite national squad level players.

The 2021-22 season will be a pilot supported by Badminton Scotland, as a means of creating new competition formats for players across Scotland. The league has been developed in partnership by the three regional groups covering the west of Scotland: Glasgow & North Strathclyde Badminton Group, Lanarkshire Badminton Group and West of Scotland Badminton Group.


Teams are made up of four players who rotate to play three doubles games each in a match, each time with a different partner. Matches are held in a centralised venue, the Sir Craig Reedie Centre near Braehead in Glasgow (also known as the Cockburn Centre). Matches will take place every third Sunday evening.

For 2021/22, there will be Men’s and Women’s Doubles leagues. The season is due to begin in September 2021, providing coronavirus restrictions allow for organised sport to return by this point. The season will end in April 2022.

As 2021/22 is a pilot season, feedback and ideas will be requested to allow us to make positive changes for all levels of player. This could include the potential to add in Mixed Doubles and Singles leagues, and a league taking place over the summer months between May and August – providing all year round badminton competition.


Each club pays a registration fee of £25.00 per team entering the league. Thereafter, each player will pay £8.00 per match night.

We encourage cashless payment for the league, and full details will be available for clubs and players to pay league and match fees. Clubs and players will be unable to compete until fees have been paid in full.

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